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Air Filter Installation

When installing the air filter make sure the arrow, on the side of the filter, points to the furnace.

Installation for normal household use is easily performed without professional assistance. Simply remove your old disposable air filter and replace it with your new electrostatic air filter. Refer to the filter label regarding air flow direction when installing. For properly designed air systems, a minimum of one square foot of filter surface area is recommended per ton of air conditioning.

Filter Pull Tab Installation

Use the filter pull tabs for easier air filter removal for washing. In some installations, it is difficult to get a hold of the air filter frame to remove it. The two pull tabs provided need to be attached to the appropriate sides of the filter to allow easy removal from the filter holder.

First, select the area to attach the label for your configuration of filter holder. You may use one or 2 Pull Tabs for this purpose.

Air filter slid into unit

Slide in filters can be horizontal or vertical.

Ceiling mounted air filter

Ceiling mounted air filters can have a tight fit. Mounting the tab in the middle of the filter makes it easy to remove.

Drop-in furnace filter with pull tab

Drop in air filters are usually difficult to remove without a pull tab.

Two pull tabs mounted on air filter

Installing two pull tabs can make it easier to remove an air filter.

Attaching the Pull Tab

Pull tab instructions

Fold pull tab along dotted line

Fold pull tab along the dotted line.

Pull tab backing removal

Remove backing from pull tab.

Apply pull tab to inside edge of air filter frame

Apply pull tab to inside edge of the frame.

Stick pull tab to back of frame

Fold over and stick pull tab to edge of frame.

Stick pull tab to opposite frame side

Stick pull tab to opposite frame side.

Fold pull tab at dotted line

Fold pull tab at dotted line.

All done.

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